We offer Constant Clean Power Supply

We love clean/green energy, you want constant, stress-free power supply - you need us and we need you. Our experts will transform your home/office/school/factory/church/hall into a haven of constant and clean power supply within hours.

Back-up/Inverter system installation & maintenance
Renewable energy R & D
Solar security lighting systems
Energy management
Solar rural & urban electrification
Solar Panel Facilitation
Electrical Installations
Sales of Electrical products
Sales of solar & renewable energy products
Solar Energy training
Solar energy system installation & maintenance
Energy consultancy

Why Choose Us

We offer one of the best professional green energy services in Nigeria.

We're Mobile

We're lightening fast within Ibadan and equally capable of getting anywhere in Nigeria.

After Sales Service

We offer our customers 1 year post installation service after product delivery

Professional Service Delivery

Long term stability, structurally safe and clean installation.

Fast Delivery

Quick response in the event of a damaged component, warranty claim, or system maintenance.

Projects Completed

What's Our Clients Say

Real Testimonies from Real and satisfied People

I’m enjoying the off-grid installation GPSS LTD did for me at my residence. They are good, competent and excellent at what they do. You can trust GPSS LTD
Augustine Ajaduru Ekeh
Business man
Good, efficient, and quality delivery of solar products
Mrs O


We know you have questions, we've provided some answers below

Our technical onsite training andexperience in solar PV design stands us out that our solar energy system will be optimized for your particular site conditions and that your home or office building will remain structurally sound after the installation of the solar panel system.

It totally depends on the capacity of the solar system that your home, business or office space requires.

All our engineers are certified with the least having a BSc degree ranging from Physics, Physics and Solar, Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

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